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Hardware Repair

Electronic equipment like you pc, laptop, palm pilot can go wrong. If you are outside the warranty then you have a dilemma, replace or repair?
In our increasingly green world it makes sense to at least consider a repair and avoid further depleting the world of its valuable resources by looking for a new replacement. We want you to fully consider the repair option and to this end we always employ a simple mantra: That we will ensure you are quoted a realististic and cost effective price to repair your hardware or software as required.
As we have a steady stream of repair items coming through to our team we have all the expertise to mend and repair almost every electrically operated piece of equipment.
Before you consign your item to recycling heaven at least talk to us and get an idea of repair costs.

Our team of dedicated laptop and computer technicians can repair your device while you wait.
The services we can offer are varied, but, for example we can conduct: Water damage cleaning, replace screens, broken cases, repair: mother boards, broken usb ports, power supply issues, sticky buttons and all interactivity issues.
Your computer should be at the centre of your hi – fi or entertainment system – give us a call to ensure you are maximising your computer equipment.
We can complete your laptop repair within 1 - 5 working days depending on the work required and the availability of parts.

We can repair:

  • Broken Screens
  • Water Damage
  • Power problems
  • Sound issues
  • Software
  • Cameras
  • Connectivity
  • Casing & Buttons
  • etc.

Our technical team deals with: Dell, Compaq, Acer, eMachines, Apple, Time, HP, Fujitsu, Gigabyte,

Hitachi, IBM, LG, Asus, NEC, Samsung, WindowPC, Viewsonic, Toshiba, Sony and any generic or non generic system. We can repair, reformat and replace your operating systems or software.
If you need a reinstall or a complete overhaul of your operating system – call us and let us know. We are experts in clean install of windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, unix, etc...
We are available to make a call to your home or business as required and by prior arrangement. It is always best to consider a repair, be4u dispose of your equipment.

Sat nav devices:

Consider a cost effective repair to your satellite navigation device. The most common faults that we repair are: Touch panel or screen, unable to find satellites, battery not holding a charge, battery replacement, charging connector damaged/missing, cracked screen / lcd , Give us a call if your device only shows a flashing cross when turned on or if your sat-nav sticks or is stuck when you start-up. Do you have connectivity problems, faulty or damaged screen / touch screen, flashing X problems, green light but no power, blinking lights, “Inspection Only”, liquid damage, no back light, no maps found, no GPS signal, no map found, no power, no sound, not Charging, product not activated, red cross on screen - software issues, sd card errors, software freezing, software problem.

The sat nav’s we have repaired, include:

  • TomTom,
  • Garmin,
  • Navman,
  • Medion,
  • Mio,
  • Sony,
  • Magellan,
  • Navon,
  • MyGuide,
  • ASUS,
  • Navigon,
  • Navigo,
  • Evesham,
  • GoClever,
  • Road Angel,
  • NDrive ,
  • Snooper,
  • Binatone ,
  • Blaupunkt,
  • Smailo,
  • NavRoad,
  • North Cross

We aim to repair all faults with nearly every popular electronic gadget you can buy on the market.

We offer gadget repairs for the following items:

• Camcorder Repairs
• Camera Repairs
• Console Repairs
• GHD Repairs
• iPad Repairs
• iPod Repairs
• Laptop Repairs
• Mobile Phone Repairs
• Printer Repairs
• Sat Nav Repairs
• Sky Box Repairs
• TV Repair

Our team is very experience and can even visit your premises, if required, to assess and repair as required.
Always remember that a repair is always more cost effective than a replacement. We are on hand to take care of your needs.


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