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Graphic design


Research reveals that people search the internet for specific products and services on average three times a week. In doing so they will open up the pages of up to five different sites to compare and contrast prices, quality, customer service and availability. In looking through the sites researchers have found that if there is a lack of usability or difficulties in navigating a particular site the user will close their browser window and go to a competing site.
Using: www4u you will avoid the above-mentioned situation and allow your customers to use and move around your site with ease....this translates into growth by encouraging new customers and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Search Engine Optimisation

The aim of all web site and designers is to achieve the highest position possible amongst the results generated by the search engines (Goole, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
We carefully select and deploy your key words in a planned and strategic manner – adjusting your site's code as required. All our projects are carefully considered and will result in an increase in the number of visitors to your web site. The science of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) optimisation is a two fold process whereby you supply your preferred key words and we crunch those words into workable more searchable bytes. Your organic position on Google is paramount to all our endeavours. We appreciate your business and will not give you false hope, but, will deliver measurable performance increases thereby driving more and more business to you. In partnership with you we will advise on back linking and much of the science of optimisation that you can conduct for yourself.

Optimised for a speedy display

Research shows that users of web sites will not wait longer than six seconds for a particular page to load or an animation to appear. By the time they actually load the potential customer will be looking at what the competition offer. We keep to a mantra of “Keep it simple”, but, also ensure your site is fully functional – this is a balance that only an expert can make. Ensure that you use our experts and do not lose any customers with a poorly performing landing page or with messy content.

Optimised for standards of compliance

Compliance with the standards and protocol of web site design and creation is another aspect of our product. This means that your web pages are loaded correctly by the search engines across all platforms.

CMS content management system

You need to keep your site up to date and relevant in a changing world. A site that is not updated looks tired and depletes search engine rank very quickly. To avoid this situation we build into your site (Where appropriate) the necessary means to update, create, store and deploy changes to the site. We can, as our partnership develops, give you the skills to update and change your site as required.


This is one of the key features of a successful presence on the net. The direct exchange of information between humans and the web is a critical component in the usability and success of your web site. Studies show that interactivity is a critical component in a successful website. Fortunately, we understand this facet of web site engineering and work towards effective interactivity, thereby increasing the sale of goods and services by ensuring a rich and positive experience for the browsing customer.

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